The Spam that Lived

Google detects an enormous amount of spam coming into my inbox.  They segment it and put it in the Junk folder.  Literally hundreds a day and thousands a month.  I am sure some “good” non-spam email gets caught in there, but I really can’t spend the time to check.  I am left with no choice but to trust Google.

Some spam, however, slips through the cracks.  There is one in particular that is especially good at it.  It looks like this:


I have no idea why this piece of spam comes through non-stop, whereas most of the other spam is caught.  What are they doing differently?  I click “report spam” every time, but to no avail.

More importantly…Who is responsible for this ad to me?  I clearly do not need any of these drugs.  I don’t buy ANY drugs.  If I did, I would probably buy that hair stuff, and there is no way I am buying that either.

Someone out there, someone annoying, decided that it’s a good idea to just blanket the world with this ad for drugs.  They probably get a 0.00001% click through rate, which is enough to be worth the spamming.  I wish Google had some better tools to block these.  This ad just won’t quit.

Whatya think?