The UX of Catharsis

Somewhere in my childhood, I forgot exactly how to cry.  I can remember exactly two times crying and it was such a tremendously powerful feeling.   I was watching a movie this evening and there was a really sad, sad scene.  I wanted desperately to cry.  I could feel the lump in my throat; I felt terribly sad, yet no tears could be summoned.  Eventually, the feeling passed and I was left with this annoying itch in my mind.  I couldn’t have a catharsis.  Release-denied.

This is a really complicated UX topic.  How do you provide catharsis in the things you make and the products you design.  One woman said Marketo is so easy, it will make you cry.  I felt very proud of that because I had helped create a moment of catharsis for that customer.

Right now, I am blogging to release creative energy.  It’s pent up inside.  WordPress gives me that release.  It’s easy.  I changed the blog design a little, specifically the typography to make it faster to load and also a little different.  It took the edge off.  Thank you WordPress.

I think being a good designer requires that you can be honest with yourself.  There are great ideas and untapped potential inside every one of us. Not everyone has to blog about it.  … But I do.

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