The UX of Fax Machines

I am spoiled.  I live in an age of cut and paste, email and attach.  The fax machine, when I have to use it is a ridiculous anachronism.  I just had to use it.

To dial 9, or not?  Do I dial 1 before the area code?  What is this complicated UI?  It happens to be an all-in-one scanner, printer, copier.  Which button do I press?  Paper up or paper down?  And then the thing starts eating the paper because it pulled it in slightly slanted.  Don’t eat my paper!  That’s the one with the signature!

My god, this thing is horrible!  How did people survive using this piece of junk.  At home I use a scanner and then make a PDF and email it.  What is needed is a rapid-fire page scanner.  Something quick with a feeder that doesn’t jam.  Just scan and email the scans as PDF to an address.  Better yet, digital signatures.  Eliminate paper!  Save the rain forest!

It was funny, I am a pretty technical guy, but I was dumb as a stump trying to get that fax machine working.  I hope I don’t have to use them much in the future.

Whatya think?