The UX of Gas

The tank was on E.  Empty.  We need to use the car.  I bike to work, I use public transportation, but damn it, I have no choice, I have to drive some places.  I had to stop and get gas.  The price of regular: $3.95.  The price of Super: $4.15.  $0.20 cents difference.  That used to mean something when the whole tank was $20.

I just broke my record for most expensive fill up.  $70!  Can someone please give me a break!  $70?!?  Come on.  So super is $3 different than Regular.  Big deal.  I have no choice on gas.  They don’t even make an electric minivan.  (Why not? I have no idea)

Bottom line:  Gas needs to be regulated.  This is bullshit.  I want my electric minivan NOW.  I think we need to picket Washington DC.  This is more important than Iraq by alot.  Screw Iraq.  I want cheap fuel!  We need to get rid of petroleum permenently.  Somehow, I think that getting rid of it will make Iraq a non-story anyway.  They will become like most African nations. (No resources, no money, disease and famine.)

Ugh, $4 gas!  I am so sick of this!  Can we please have a revolution now?  Exxon has had ENOUGH of my money.

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Ever travel to Europe much? I don’t think so, otherwise you’d be _thanking_ our oil companies for obviously keeping our prices so *low*! Three cheers for Exxon/Mobil/Conoco/Chevron!

Unless I got the conversion wrong (gallons/liter, euro/dollar), one gallon here in germany costs 8.30 dollars.

Todays cars could be so much more enegergy-efficient. Hybrid engines are nowhere near mainstream and stuff like hydrogen engines haven’t even made it from science to the public here at all.

Rising oil prices should eventually help to improve energery effeciency and alternative eneregies. I’m looking forward to it.

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