The UX of GMail Spam False Positives

This morning, I opened up my email and had a strange experience.  No email.  Really?  None?  So just on a lark, I checked the spam folder.  Mine was full of 3600 messages.  So I started looking through.  Before too long, I had 10 false positives.  Ack!

No wonder I think GMail does a great job with my spam.  It’s catching legit messages too.

A bunch of them were from LinkedIn.  Seriously?  LinkedIn should be whitelisted.  I clicked on “Not Spam” but I it didn’t go through the pile and pull out other LinkedIn messages.  So I have no idea what “Not Spam” actually does.  This is poor UX!  I have no idea what is happening and it’s doing the wrong thing.  People think I am ignoring them when in reality GMail is not showing me their message.

One guy who works on the spam filtering just moved in next to my in-laws.

Oh, also, I went into the spam folder and started looking at patterns.  I want to create a filter that says, “Once it’s deemed spam, if it has the word Penis, A Russian Character, or the word Viagra just delete it”.  This would halve my spam folder.  Anyone else know a guy who knows a guy who can help this move along?

Whatya think?