The UX of Google Calendar (2016)

I reviewed Google calendar previously (2007). It was quite good. I had very nice things to say.

Fast forward 9 years.

It’s the same damn thing. No noteworthy enhancements. What the hell is going on over there? The styling is old and crusty. Do I really need to see 12am-6am? Can’t it zoom? Free busy scheduling is clunky. When I make an all day event, it doesn’t even change the view.

Microsoft Outlook/Calendar is much better. Office 365 is outpacing Google on innovation. The UI is fresher and the functions are more useful.

Come on Google, pull it together! I want a beta of something STAT.

Some people love Google, no matter what they do. Some people love Apple, no matter what. I don’t prejudge anyone, even Microsoft. Each product gets its own objective assessment.

Google Calendar 2007: A+
Google Calendar 2016: D

Sorry, I calls it likes I sees it.

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I just looked, I don’t see it. There is a lab item, but it’s implementation is stupid. It just hides the hours, but doesn’t stretch out the rest of the day.

Glen , I really admire that you’re straight to the point, direct… I hope I get a chance to earn from you… 🙂

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