The UX of HTC Touch Pro 2 (Week 2)

Of course, the minute I get my phone, Verizon announces that they are getting the Palm Pre , Android phones as well as Windows Mobile 6.5 versions of the HTC Touch.  Just my luck!

I have 30 days if I want to return this one, but I think I am going to keep it, even though there are some issues with it.

Good things:  The keyboard is very comfortable.  The new HTC Imagio doesn’t have a keyboard at all.  Verizon probably (hopefully) will deliver an upgraded OS in the next 6 months.  Plus, I could always upgrade my mother-in-laws phone down the road and swap phones with her.  So given these good things, I will probably not trade for a phone in the next 20 days.

Bad things: The OS is buggy.  Stuff just doesn’t work quite right.  The GMail connect, calendar and other details just act wonky.  Simple things like making a phone call and answering the phone are not smooth.  These guys have got to work on the basics!  The “app store” for verizon is retarded.  First of all the interface is completely unusable.  Second, the prices are astronomical.  This one is simple:  Don’t do it WORSE than the apple app store.  You can be different, but not 100x worse.

Bottom line: I haven’t used the data plan all that much.  I can’t figure out how to install apps that I want.  Yelp and a navigator are two obvious ones.  I am still exploring the phone, but haven’t used that much of the data plan.  Probably I should feel bad about it, but it makes me feel more techie and I like that.  Next steps are to get apps installed that don’t suck.

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They don’t have one for Verizon yet. Believe me, I would have bought one if they had it. They announced they would “soon”. Not sure when that is. Any ideas? I’d be happy to review it if they have some secret stash. 🙂

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