The UX of Jake Shimabukuro in Concert

A few years ago, my wife gave me a Ukulele as a birthday present.  Although I had never played an instrument before, I found the ukulele delightful and easy to play.  It’s soothing and fun and easy to carry around.  People love hearing it.  Lately, I have been giving it to my son Ethan to play.  As a holiday present, I got us tickets to see the grand master of ukes, Jake Shimabukuro.

The concert was amazing.  It’s just Jake with some dry ice smoke in the background and some lighting.  No chair, no singing, just Jake and the Uke.  One might think it would be boring, but it was anything but.  We were mesmerized.  I took a little video of Jake doing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.  Click image below.

He also did Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, George Harrison’s While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.  Plus he had a bunch of songs he wrote, all with no words, just uke.  They were great.  I especially liked Five Dollars Unleaded, although the tune is extremely reminiscent of another song, but I can’t place it.  As it was playing, I made up lyrics like “I..have lots of gas, lots of gas, lots of gas.”

Afterwards, Jake signed our Ukulele and posted for a picture with Ethan (above).  Great guy, great concert, totally out of the ordinary.  Highly recommended viewing.  Also, for Christmas, consider an inexpensive Uke, it’s a great present.

Whatya think?