The UX of Large Tasks

I notice that I often avoid certain large tasks because I know I don’t have time to complete them.  If I have a meeting in 30 minutes, I don’t want to open up PowerPoint and design the next generation of business intelligence tools.  All that will happen is that I get things set up, start to think, start to put things down and BAM! have to go.  What’s the point? I will have to start over.

So these large tasks end up being punted forward in time.  The list of large tasks gets bigger and bigger.  Then a funny thing happens.  The situation changes and the large task changes.  I can count at least 4 times in the last year that a large tasks became irrelevant after stalling on it for a few months.

Does this mean that large tasks should be delayed?  It doesn’t sound right, but I’m not sure.  We make huge progress when we tackle big problems.  We make incremental progress when we tackle small ones.  Maybe this is like the pendulum.  It has to swing back and forth to be right.

Whatya think?