The UX of LED Holiday Lights

I love holiday lights.  They are bright and festive and make the cold dark times of the year more fun and bearable.  One movie that really inspired me was National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  He decked out every inch of his house.  Growing up a family had put blue lights all over their house and it was beautiful and awe inspiring.

The last few years we have lived in a house that didn’t have a natural place to put up lights. This year, we are living in a house with a great big tree in the front.  I bought 27 strands of LED Lights and wrapped it up nice and tight.

It looks better at night.  Notice the arrow showing some of the tree not covered in lights.

I wrapped it using LED Lights because they use less power and are cool to the touch. Also, you can connect 45 strands in a single tree without shorting it out.  However, they are more expensive.   At $9 bucks a pop, it adds up.  I am using the Philips A6 multicolor sphere lights from Target.

I am unsure if I should keep going.  Clearly, the more lights on the tree, the more awesome of a spectacle.  However, I think I have spent my limit on holidays lights for the year.

What I need is for people to be inspired and send me more lights to hang up.  I will risk the ladder and falling on my ass if you send me the lights.

Feel the holiday spirit and order today.  Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!

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