The UX of Netflix Drag & Drop Queue

Netflix, a few weeks ago, finally introduced Drag and Drop on their Queue page.  I have already used it a bunch of times.  Bravo, Netflix.  It works very well for what it does.  It has a nice transparency when a row is in motion.  Plus several visual cues to know what is happening.  However, it is a little limited.  You can not drag a whole block of movies.  This is important when you have something like 24-Season 6 (5 disc series).  You can only move those one at a time.  I know it’s hard, but they should be able to either select multiple rows for dragging or automatically move a block of a series as one.

Additionally, the checkbox on the right (for deletion) is much harder to click now that the row is draggable.  I missed the button several times.  You need very fine motor control to get it.  My suggestion would be to implement a replacement checkbox made out of images that are larger with a better target.

It’s their first try at Drag and Drop, so I don’t want to be too critical.  It’s a good start.  I hope they follow it up with enhancements.  Getting a product right takes alot of versions and alot of work, but in the end, your customers will love you for it.  I don’t know how the UI looks for Blockbuster.  Anyone have that?

Whatya think?