The UX of Podcasts

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Sometimes I am early to the party. For example, I was an early user of HTML (1994), CSS (1997) and jQuery (2006). However, one technology I never got into was podcasts. (Until last week.)

I listen to NPR alot and always liked This American Life, Public Radio International and Freakonomics Radio. However, I kept noticing that I had to get out of the car before the program was over. I kept missing 50% or more of the broadcast. Of course, I have had an iPod in my car for music, but I just never adopted podcasting as a way to listen to the entirety of a program.

iTunes does an acceptable job of keeping your podcasts in sync, except that I need to bring my iPod in and connect directly to my computer. I am considering an iPod touch which can sync wirelessly, but I am not sure it will work. It’s an expensive experiment.

I could sync my Nexus 6 smart phone to the podcasts, but my car doesn’t have a native sync (usb) with the phone the way it does with the iPod. I may need to experiment more with this option. I have always relied on the iPod because it has a much bigger hard drive.

I gathered the podcasts I wanted by googling “great podcasts”. It gave me a good list to get started. I love how some of the podcasts have become businesses for individuals with unique/funny/interesting points of view. It reaffirms a core value I see in the internet, which is that of inexpensive self-publishing. We need unique voices to be spread out into the world. We shouldn’t all be listening to one point of view.

Creativity is the mixing of unrelated ideas into a new fusion idea. Example: I like Twitter, I like Penguins, what about Twitter for Penguins??!)  OK, that idea needs work, but you get the point.

I may be late to the podcast party, but it is still running strong and it makes my car ride a tiny bit better. What do you listen to in your car?

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  1. i love the ‘downcast’ app for my podcasting. i usually save up my podcasts for listening on my trips to my actual office (2.5 hours each way, every other week).

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