The UX of Quora Notifications

This is how Quora notifications look if you have a bunch.

To me, this is borderline criminal UX design.  Why in the world would you repeat the question so many times in a row?  The information grid is pretty straight-forward: Who commented, edited or answered questions that I follow and who voted me up or followed me.  It should be:

Question: As an entrepreneur, what’s the best bit of advice you’ve been given?

Answered (8): NameNameNameNameNameNameNameName
     Edited (3): NameNameName
Voted up your answer (3): NameNameName

And then repeat for each one of these.  It would wildly reduce the number of characters I have to read.  It would also allow me to ignore big blocks of information.

The way an application feels is due largely to how text is treated.  Most applications require words.  It is critical to handle those words with grace, personality and elegance.  In this case, the notifications fail, but the fix is really quite simple.

Whatya think?