The UX of Rock Band 3 – Prerelease

Check out this sneak peak at what Rock Band 3 will be like:

A real keyboard, more realistic drums and a guitar that is a real world guitar.  This takes learning music to a whole new level. I am very excited to get this for my kids.  Currently, only the drums are a close analog to a real world drum kit and it still has it’s limitations.  Rock Band 3 makes the cymbals on the drums different than the tom toms. The guitar solution they came up with is terrific and the fact you could use a special electric guitar that doubles as a real guitar is unbelievable.  Having keyboards also makes the kids piano lessons all the more useful.

Clearly the kids are getting this for the holidays, if it is out in time.  If all goes well, they will be famous in 10 years.  Unfortunately, by then the music industry will collapse and there will be no money in music.  Oh well, I guess there is no free lunch.

Whatya think?