The UX of Sunday Sushi

Every Sunday, I have extr time with the kids.  We want to go into town nd do  little shopping.  Yet, every Sunday, I forget that most stores are closed.  Our favorite Sushi place is closed.  Even Guitar World (we needed to buy some picks) was closed.  Why is this?  The weekend is the one part of the week that I have time to go out.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to take MONDAY off?

If Guitar World was open, then I wouldve purchased picks.  Now, I pretty much have to wait until Saturday, IF I remember.  Maybe I should just buy it online.  Sunday should have shopping and Monday should be off.

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I see your located on the West Coast. That’s your problem right there.
The West Coast ‘attitude’ is very much one of “let’s close on Sunday”.
Here on the East coast, we have enough drive and dedication to our professions that we open on Sunday.
Oh, and if your unhappy with stores being closed on Sunday, you would really hate living in Australia 🙂

I totally agree. Also, explain to me why Dry Cleaners are open from 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday, and 9am to 2pm on Saturday. I’m either at work, or on my way to or from work. Please, just open from 4pm to 8pm Monday through Friday and all day Saturday.

When I worked in retail, the evenings were inevitably dead. Didn’t matter if we closed at 6, 7, 8, 9, or even later, nighttime was always the slowest time of the day. Keeping the shop open an extra hour or two every day just for the possibility of one or two additional customers isn’t profitable in the long haul.

Oh, and @Robert — you are probably too young to remember the “blue laws” that regulated Sunday store hours, but NY, CT, and NJ all had them. CT still does to some extent.


I am too young for ‘blue laws’. However I am well aware of them as in MA they are still used for several holidays.
For example Christmas, Thanksgiving and several others ALL stores MUST be closed, including grocery stores. The only exceptions are gas stations and other critical things.

Very tough to find anything on those days. I drink lots of chocolate milk and eat lots of pizza, I always make sure I stock up before the holidays so I don’t run out and find myself without food 🙂

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