The UX of the Asimo U3-X Mobility Unicycle

Let’s just assume you don’t have sound because the music was pure ridiculousness.  I don’t want to get hung up on the cheesiness of the video.  I want to focus on the unicycle itself.

Here is my description of the features:

  1. Like a unicycle, but requiring less skill.  No pedals or need to know how to balance.
  2. Moves about as fast as walking.
  3. Lean to move, so be careful not to lean accidentally.
  4. Perfect for millionaires in wheelchairs.

I am all for innovation and the technology on this thing is just plain awesome.  However, I also realize that no one actually will use this.  It’s this weird intersection of awesome and retarded.  It looks like a Saturday Night Live sketch making fun of technologists who make silly things.  It’s a parody of itself!

God Bless em!  Keep up the good work.

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One of the things I have always loved about Honda is that they are a technology company that happens to build motors, cars, motorcycles, scooters, etc…. Everything they build has applications in other products. Who knows, this technology might end up in a car, motorcycle, and/or airplane in the future.

Glen, just imagine instead of the two skinny fashionable ladies a couple of wheel chair bound vetrans getting in and out of a car with something like this. Or an otherwise wheel chair bound person, navigating a restaurant (between the tables) or to use a bathroom, that is not build for wheel chairs. This does get you there.

As to cost, its all a question of production volume.

I agree the technology is awesome.

This technology has been available for years in the robotic stair-climbing iBOT wheelchairs that Dean Kamen built before the Segway. In fact the Segway was largely introduced to commercialize (read: recoup invested money) in the wheelchairs.

But like the Segway, the last thing society needs is another gadget to further reduce the amount of movement and exercise that people get.

Whatya think?