The UX of the Bathroom Sink

Not any bathroom sink; this is the sink in the bathroom at my work.  I use it several times a day.  Take a look.

Notice where the water comes out.  It’s all the way to the left edge.  Notice the size of the sink.  90% of the sink is wasted space.  All of the water is on the far left.  When you wash your hands water splashes to the left out of the sink regularly.  You can’t put your hands in the middle and get them wet.  Why would anyone do this?  What kind of sick maniac would design a sink that can only be used in an uncomfortable and messy way? Just look at it!

Design is more than aesthetics.  Design is decisions.  In this case, this is just a horrible decision.

2 replies on “The UX of the Bathroom Sink”

I find many bathroom-related things to be poorly designed. It seems to be a huge blind spot in lives of designers. I’ve been in some really beautiful bathrooms where almost nothing is easy to use from the sink to the shower door handle, to the placement of the toilet paper.

It’s like bathrooms are a designer’s kryptonite.

I guess someone did simply modify a design w/o really thinking. From the photo the depth of the counter seems to be really shallow. Hence there is no more space to put the water spout behind it. And on top of that the water spout does not match the size of the bowl.

Whatya think?