The UX of the Crazy Idea

It’s always so hard to make the leap.  Most people defend the status quo.  It’s scary!  Who wants to leap out into the unknown and risk failing?  What if you miss the mark and fall/fail?  (I never noticed how similar those two words are.)

However, the reality is: If you want “good stuff” you have to try.  You have to make the leap.  The wonderful thing about life is that there are all kinds of second lives.  You can try again.  You can fail and resurrect yourself like Mario and Luigi.  Life moves on and there are more levels to play and more crazy ideas to try.

What if it wasn’t really a crazy idea.  What if the status quo was the real insanity.  Moving forward is the sane thing to do.  We all want good stuff.  Don’t be afraid.  Try…make the leap.  The worst thing that can happen isn’t so bad.

You know what they call someone who has tried and failed?  Experienced.

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One of the biggest challenges to advancing a new product design is this fear. It leads to indecision at the product management level.

Good ideas are killed not because they are not possible to do, but because of the challenge and amount of time it takes to rally all the stakeholder around the cause. And thus the reason many product stagnate and do not progress with the times and the evolving language of design.

To fight this mentality, teams should agree, that design never ends, its continuous on-going and evolving… Maybe allow for an A & B tests or Be like Steve and go with your gut. Hard to do int he enterprise world.

“[I must] Destroy the status-quo because the “status” is NOT “quo”. The world
is a mess and I just need to RULE it.”

“Any dolt with half a brain
Can see that human kind has gone insane,
To the point where i don’t know
If i’ll upset the status quo
If i throw poison in the water main.
Listen close to everybody’s heart
And hear that breaking sound,
Hopes and dreams are shattering apart
And crashing to the ground”
– Quotes from Dr. Horrible. He took the leap and see what happened. He got everything he ever wanted (well almost).

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