The UX of the Feedburner Sign-In

I rarely login to Feedburner even though I use it for my blog feeds.  It’s a good service.  I have a very specific critique though about the homepage.  Every time I go to their homepage, I look for the button to login.  I look all around the page, mostly in the blue area next to the flame.  That area has a huge eye magnetism.  (The eye is drawn to it).  Additionally, the big Hello, our name is FeedBurner has a huge draw for the eye.  I look and look.  Finally, I realize that it is above the big bold area.  The color and font of that area makes it look like a toolbar.  Something meant for the chrome of the browser, not the webpage.

All they would have to do is put a dark black or red up there and I would find it much faster.  The lesson is: If you want someone to find something, don’t “hide it in plain sight”.  Make it stand out.  I bet a simple color change would increase the number of new registered users significantly.

Whatya think?