The UX of the iPad

What does UX tell us about the iPad:

  1. iPad was a stupid name.  The feminine product hook will remain a joke and bleed for a long time.  (Pun intended) Similar to the Tea Bagger movement.  Dumb name.  Tampod.
  2. The iPad will kill the Kindle DX and not the normal Kindle.  Why?  The smaller kindle fits in a womans purse.  The DX does not, and neither does the iPad.  Also the battery life of the kindle is days, not hours. Kindle will also run cooler because it is not backlit.  Kindle is safe.  Kindle DX is in trouble.
  3. The iPad will not kill the Windows netbook.  I am typing on a netbook right now.  It’s not that different from a iPad in fundamentals.  The iPad is lighter, and sleeker, but is it better?  I get more apps in Windows 7.  I get higher resolution native as well as projected.  Ipad is 1024×768 maximum on a projector.  Touch screen is cool, but my “killer app” is typing.  I am worried how easy it will be to type on a flat touch screen.

    Go to Best Buy or whatever electronics store nearby and try the newest netbooks.  They are getting faster and lighter and more flexible/powerful every day.  All for $400.   I imagine that touch screen netbooks are right around the corner.  All things being equal, I would rather use a full blown OS than the crippled iPad OS.  I understand they have all those cool apps, but that’s not my concern.

  4. Lack of Camera and GPS on base models were huge mistakes.  They could have killed the TomTom /Magellen/etc navigators.  Lack of a camera means they also won’t kill some digital cameras.  Plus, GPS would have been huge for search and advertising.  Massive lost opportunity.  If I could suggest one thing to Apple, it would be to add in the camera and the GPS device.
  5. The iPad will kill the Sony PSP and similar gaming devices.  Super sexy for gaming and bigger.  I see gaming to be the killer app here.  It’s the right size and has a ton of games already.  I could be wrong on this one, but hey, no guts, no glory.
  6. The iPad will sell a bunch to “true believers”.  It’s super sexy.  However, I think it’s not the same sort of overwhelming win as the iPod or iPhone.  Looking forward to seeing it in action.

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I think the iPad will be very popular and fits into Apple’s larger picture. The main purpose of the iPad was to do as much as possible, without competing against other apple products. It is not a computer (mac) or a phone (iphone) or a small mp3 players (ipod). Apple wants people to own many apple products and not just one super product. The one concern is that is someone comes out with a super-product, it might make all of Apple’s product’s obsolete at one. I’m not sure why no one is working on this. Here is the product I want.

The size of an iPad, with the same touchpad and also with a small pull out keyboard (or even a keyboard you can easily plug into the button the device). It runs windows 7 or the Mac 0S. It has a iPone/Mp3/GPS Player built directly into it, but it is removable. So I can take the whole thing, or just the part I need. I want a good battery and a retractable cord that I can plug in wherever I go. I want it to have a “book reader’ mode, which changes the screen graphics so it can be a kindle. I want internet access. I want it to run apps and programs (the portable iPhone/Mp3 can run just Apps). A camera built in is nice. All of this seems somewhat reasonable. I think Apple could have done with already, but didn’t want to compete with itself.

Anyway, I am not getting an iPad. I have my phone for calls, mp3s, and crappy internet. I have my laptop for train rides and business. I have a GPS in my car. I don’t want to carry something big around unless I can replace several other things. But I am old and poor. I think the IPad will sell well and it will especially hurt Kindle sales.

Whatya think?