The UX of the Magic Moment

The minute I get started on something, I make enormous progress.  Things get accomplished.  The problem is starting to work on something versus procrastinating.

Simply stated, I procrastinate…then comes a magic moment, then I make huge progress.

What happens exactly in step 2?  Why did the moment start there?  Couldn’t I have started it further to the left?  Why don’t I start work right now?  What am I waiting for?  The Muse?  Inspiration?

This is a critical question to being a highly productive person.  The ability to force yourself to put down the stuff that wastes time and do the thing that needs doing is valuable indeed.

Hmmm…I need to cut this post short.  I have to work on something.  What could you be working on right now?  Make that magic moment happen.

2 replies on “The UX of the Magic Moment”

This post really connected with me. Every one of my projects that I ended up making into a success started with weeks or even months of just ‘thinking’ about doing it. Throwing it around in my head. Procrastinating. Eventually I just sat down one day and started work on it. Each time that happened I was so amazed with how much progress I made in such a short amount of time. I then would always say to myself, why didn’t I do this 2 months ago?

One woman at work said, “Instead of procrastination, maybe call it ‘waiting'”. Maybe that’s right, but I feel like, with will power, one can force the magic moment to come when they want. Starting is the key.

Whatya think?