The UX of the Nissan Altima Hybrid

It’s been a couple of weeks with the new car.  I am still trying to get over the idea in my head that this car is too fancy for me.

It’s a nice car and I like driving it.  It was a good deal (I think) and we can afford it.  Still, I just wish I felt more at home in it.  This morning, I had this image in my head of being in the showroom and saying, “Forget the Altima.  Give us a better deal on the Cube or we are walking.”  In my day dream, they crumbled under the pressure.

Having this car has made both Katie and I more aware of other new cars on the road.  The Altima looks exactly like a hundred other cars.  It’s not significantly different than any 4 door sedan.  Even though it’s hybrid, it has plenty of oomph when I hit the gas.  It handles fine.  Everything is fine.  I like how the arm rest slides forward so it supports my gangly arms.  Plus, I like that the seat gets nice and low so I can be comfortable with my gangly legs.

My peeves about the car are minor as well.  The lights stay on for 45 seconds after you shut off the car, lock it and leave.  It freaks me out because I think they won’t go out and I will be stuck with a dead battery.  The “button” to start the engine is cute, but truthfully, I prefer a key.  A key is simple and I can easily make copies.  This weird fob thing is probably a thousand dollars to replace and I have to be careful putting it near computer equipment because it has a magnet in it.  I wonder if it would screw up a USB drive on the same ring?  I am always careful to put it in the other pocket than my phone.

I would recommend the car as a good value and I support the decision to get it.  However, I am having trouble shaking this feeling that I don’t belong inside it.  I am hoping that by the end of 2010, I will feel right as rain.  Maybe if I get flames stenciled on the sides?

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You aren’t 20 anymore. You are getting older, and that means getting a more senseable car. Sorry, I hate to be the one to break that news to you. 😉

On, that point. We purchased a new Subaru Forester last year and it was the best car buying experience I’ve ever had. I used to spend hours haggling over every penny, waiting while the salesperson went to talk to/drink coffee with the manager, etc… This time, I filled out an online form, got a quote in an email. The quote was very good, so we went to the store, drove the car, signed a bunch of papers and drove the car home. So easy.


Hey Mr. Fancy Pants. A hybrid? 4 whole doors! Next thing we know, you are going to be traveling the world in a golden jet and wearing tissue boxes on your feet. Well, congratulations on the car, I hope it makes your long commute more bearable. Now if you started “Bohemian Rhapsody” just as you turned the car on, what part of the song is it at when you get to work?

I found my old post from when I bought a car. It was a great technique for saving money when you already know what car you want.

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