The UX of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Years ago, things were getting smaller and smaller.  This is what we thought phones would look like in the future:

However, things have changed.  BIG is making a comeback!  The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the H2 Hummer of phones.  It is massive.  This is what talking on the phone looks like now:

I expect iPad minis to get a phone connection soon.  Some call this a Phablet, part tablet, part phone.  To me, this is inevitable.  We have, as a society, always traded quality for functionality and portability.  Phones suck right now for hearing people, but they are great for checking mail, sending texts and playing games.  We carry around computers.  They will just keep getting better. The unstoppable forces at play are:

  1. Internet access will keep getting more ubiquitous, cheaper and faster
  2. Processors will continue to get faster and use less energy
  3. Batteries will get longer lasting and smaller
  4. Screens will continue to get more dense (pixels) and stronger (gorilla glass)
  5. Operating Systems on phones will continue to add functionality
  6. Variety of devices will continue to expand

Take these factors and imagine the future.  There are already two phones that aren’t even flat.  They have curved screens!  I imagine computers that fold up like paper.  Maybe one day the screen is a hologram in front of you and the device is in your sneakers.  Who knows! The Note 3 is super fast and has a gorgeous screen.  It has a stylus, but I haven’t had a reason to use it yet.

I have been using an iPad for a little while, trying to understand the new iOS7.  The Note 3 makes me decide whether to bring the iPad or the Note.  So far (and maybe this is because it’s newer) I have been choosing the Note. So many devices, so many choices.  I have a desktop, a laptop with a touch screen, an iPad, a Note 3 phablet.  I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with choices.  I hardly ever touch the laptop anymore though.  I think laptops are just becoming the new desktops.  It’s too heavy to carry around. These are exciting times we live in.  Innovation is popping up very quickly.  New devices, form factors, connections.  Very exciting times, indeed.

Whatya think?