The UX of Threatfire

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I switched over to Threatfire for my anti-virus/malware protection.  I had been an evangelist for Avast for quite some time, but the registration process was just a little too annoying.  It seemed that every time I turned around, I had to re-register.  I have alot of computers that I take care of (friends/family) so it all adds up.  SO far, Threatfire has been a good experience.  Quick to install, UI seems simple.  I haven’t been infected yet, but that doesn’t mean much.

Memory for me on Windows 7 seems really low.  It’s about 4 megs.  Very nice.  When you launch the GUI it loads a separate process using 16megs.  I configured it to scan at night, so we will see what it says.

Overall, I am pleased.  All of this goodwill goes away if I get infected, but until then, Thumbs Up for Threatfire.


  1. For some reason this comment got lost. I have no idea what happened. 🙁 I am doing research to figure out.

    From one of the threatfire guys:
    Thanks so much for your interest and install. Hope that we can earn a persistent place on your system. We consider it a strong layer for a secure system, so you may want to check out PCT AV or another AV.

    Also, please let us know what you think of it as time goes on by creating a user account and posting some thoughts:

    Thanks much,

  2. My response. 🙂
    I installed the AV and had a little problem with Windows 7. The AV started taking about 50% of the CPU non-stop. I had alot of programs open, but still it was killing me. I rebooted and things seem better.

    I am still confused why I need threatfire AND the AV. WHat is the difference?

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