The UX of Time

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend”
Theophrastus (Greek Peripatetic philosopher and pupil of Aristotle, 372-287 bc)

Time is a non-renewable energy source.  You can’t unwind the clock.  Time is precious, but I didn’t always think so.  Time used to seem infinite.  Like a refrigerator full of my favorite foods.  Now, it seems like the food is running out and all the stores are closed.  My body is slowly degrading, aching muscles whenever I exercise and fat growing around my neck and belly.  I look at my career and can’t understand how so many years have gone by.  I wonder if I have lost something in the process.

Of course, I should spend my time doing really valuable things like playing with the kids and buying my wife flowers and building a tree house.  Of course, I am not going to do that.  Why?  Because I am human.

Deep down, I hope that by the year 2035, I will be able to scan my brain/soul/personality into a nanobot swarm and replace my body.  I can have my youthful self back.  I will be able to fly and turn invisible and be indestructible.  This is the dream from “The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil.

Then, time will be infinite again.  It will be eternal youth.  Gee, I hope I make it to 2035 with my brain intact.

One reply on “The UX of Time”

DVR might not literally turn back the clock, but it seems to create more time in the day. Last night I was watching a show on TV and planned to use 1-hour to watch the show. It started at 8:00pm, but then I had to put Molly to bed. I read her books and cuddled for a while and then she went to sleep. At 8:30, I went back to the TV and watched the entire show I wanted and was done by 9:00pm. I sure felt like there was extra time added to the day. So perhaps in the future, there will more time because things will be more efficient. Of course time isn’t the real issue; you are talking about aging. That seems relatively likely to change. We have already seen significant decreases in the rate of aging in worms through genetic manipulation, how long until this applies to people. Is there a gene that makes us age? Can be turn back on the genes that turn off when we age? Will there be steroids that makes up continually healthy without harm? I imagine that this is not only possible, but very likely. Until then, walk it off.

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