The UX of Toys R Us

Toys R Us’ website sucks.  I have been trying to buy a Wii controller using some gift cards for weeks from them.  Here is the pattern of my unhappiness:

  1. Search stinks.  If I search for Wii controller, show me a page of Wii controllers.  How hard is that??  Makes me click 5 times to get to the Wii controller.
  2. The item is out of stock.  I can only click “alert me” when it’s back in stock.  Why can’t I say, “I want to buy this, just put me in line and send it to me when you get some.”  No, I have to come back later.  Bad experience.  So I sign up to be notified.
  3. I get the email.  Fine, I click the link and add 2 to the cart.  Then it asks me to login or buy as guest.  I do guest. I enter in my gift card codes, all three of them, and my billing address.  I submit the form.   All good.  Then it says, “Do you want us to save your information?”  I said, “Ok. Yes”.
  4. A few days later I get an email saying, “He, we canceled your order.  We ran out”.  What??  Don’t cancel my order just send me the next one you get!  Crap!
  5. So I go back to step 1.  I find the item.  Sign up for the alert.  I get the alert.  I try to sign in this time with my username/password.  Lo and behold, it didn’t save ANY of my information.  I have to put everything in again.  Address, gift cards, credit card.  Come on!  At least don’t make me repeat myself over and over.
  6. Buy them AGAIN!  Then I get the same email a few days later, “Sorry, we canceled your order”.  What the hell is wrong with these people?!?  Take my damn order and send me the item when you get it.  Toys R sucks.

Toys R Us has had a terrible history on the web.  They were the first to use Cold Fusion in a major e-commerce application and they messed it up royally, and probably damaged Cold Fusion significantly in many minds.  Then they because Amazon partners.  Things were find for a while in that mode.  Then they decided to go their own way.  Now it’s messed up all over again.  My advice to ToysRUs.  Go back to Amazon.

Whatya think?