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I don’t use Twitter all that much.  However, since I am at the Business of Software conference, I decided to participate.  The hashtag is #BoS2009.  At first it was interesting, although alot of the content was mundane.  It was just repeating what the person said.  I downloaded TweetDeck to try it in a different context.

Almost immediately, I noticed things going wrong.  The tweets wouldn’t update.  I did a search for the hashtag and I got the famous fail whale. This means that Twitter is failing.  Apparently, this happens ALOT.  Twitter fails a serious amount of the time.

I am really surprised by this.  It means they are vulnerable to someone else eating their lunch.  Here is how I think it will go down.

Imagine a day when we all have Google Wave accounts.  If we did, I would never suggest using Twitter for this conference.  I would use a Google wave instead.  Hell, I would even have a different wave for each speaker.  This would be much more interesting because the content is threaded.

So, I understand the pull of Twitter.  It doesn’t suck if it actually stayed up.  However, I sorta gave up based on the fail whale.  How many other people gave up too?

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  1. I visited two conferences in the last 7 days (3 days total) and Twitter worked fine most of the time. Whenever Tweetdeck couldn’t update (a few times only), it was most likely caused by failing wireless at the conference.

    Its odd that its workin so bad for you.

    PS: Tab order on this form is screwed. Tab from here goes to the notify-checkbox, then to the searchfield, instead of the submit-button.

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