The UX of Vibram Fingers Shoes – Day 3

I went to REI on Fathers Day.  They told me something fascinating.  Their return policy is “Keep the receipt, but otherwise, bring it back whenever you want for any reason.  Even if you lose the receipt, that’s ok.”  WOW!

With this knowledge in my head, I walked straight to the shoe department and bought me some monkey shoes.

What do I have to fear?  If I dont like them, return!  If they rip, return!  If people laugh at me, return!  Thanks REI for a great policy.  I am going to shop there more often.

I am wearing them now, and I have to say that I actually like them.  They are comfortable.  I can feel the muscles in my foot working harder than before.  It is sort of like being barefoot and sort of like wearing slippers.  Kind of a funny feeling.  I am wearing five-finger socks too.  Oh, and the material is made out of kangeroo!  Im wearing kangeroo on my foot!  I don’t hop any better, but still, it’s cool.

Do people notice?
I really thought people would notice right away.  Contrary to my expectations, no one noticed at all.  There is a quote in Shawshank Redemption when he asks “How often do you notice a man’s shoes?”  I literally had to point towards my feet to get people to look.  At that point, LOTS of conversations started.  People were aghast, impressed, amused, interested and fully engaged.  No one shrugged their shoulders and didn’t care.  I also found out that a bunch of other people have them as well.  So far, 6 people in the office.

S0 far, I don’t have any regrets.  They make me smile when I wiggle my toes.  Highly suggested.

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