The UX of Video Photos

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In Harry Potter, all of the newspapers have pictures that move by magic.  The reality is that this magic is pretty much here now.  My inexpensive digital camera takes photos or short video clips.  You can take video clips with your iPhone too.  These short video clips are downloaded off the camera by Picasa and uploaded easily to my web albums.  And let’s say I want to easily put those videos on my blog here.  (10 second delay)

5 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Take me out to the Ball Game

Youtube even allows me to check a box and allow anyone to put annotations directly on the video. JibJab has awesome technology that allows me to make a song with my own animated face on the movie.

As Netbooks and Digital Paper become more widespread, these videos will travel.  As WiMax becomes more available, internet access will become ubiquitous.  What seems magical in Harry Potter will be common place in a decade.

Whatya think?