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At work, they hooked up with to provide lunch delivery.  I just used the site to register.  I am not saying this is the worst site in the world.  However, is freakishly bad.

Look, if you are a website application/service, you have to understand how important it is that people are not horrified by your site.  Usability equals sales in this case (or lack thereof).  Take a look at this homepage screenshot.

Some immediate issues:

  1. Way too much text.  Who is reading all this?  Don’t write copy based on what you want to say.  Write copy based on what the user needs to hear.  Eliminate all happy/fluffy/useless talk.  The user doesn’t need referral information.  They don’t need anything on this page.  They need the search for restaurants to the only thing on the page.
  2. 1,2,3  Besides being ugly, what is the point?  Of course you need to register and order.  Earning free food is not that compelling for a new user.  They just want to look up restaurants.  The goal should be: How quickly can we get someone to order food.
  3. Live Help.  Seriously?  You need live help to order a sandwich?  Come on, usability should be good enough that you don’t need this feature.  How often does it actually get used?
  4. Fonts.  Pick a font and stick with it.  Why is this hard?  People, choose Tahoma and be done with it.
  5. Thin.  Why is the presentation so thin?  It just looks odd and wastes the screen.
  6. The yellow column on the right is 100% useless.  It’s supposed to be value propositions, but just looks retarded.  No one is reading any of that.
  7. Global navigation.  WTF?  My god, what are they trying to do?  There is no organization. No way to conceptualize what to do first.  Too much is there the user doesn’t need to see at first.

God, I am getting sick just looking at this monstrosity.  I am sorry guys, but you desperately need to redesign your application.  You don’t kick ass.  You barely get the basics of the job done.  You have a great and valuable service, but the presentation and user interface is just horrible.

If you know the designer of this site, please let him know that there is a problem here.  I tried, but didn’t end up buying lunch through it.  I couldn’t figure it out before I got hungry enough to leave.

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Hey man, just so you know, we are using Tahoma in our new app that I’m currently designing 🙂

Hope all is well.


ps website is definitely horrible!

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