The UX of Waze Carpooling and Scoop

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I tried very hard to make CalTrain work, but I had to give up. It took too long, with too many transfers. I would have to buy a scooter or bring my bike on the train. Ultimately, driving was way easier. Goodbye reading.  🙁

So driving takes between 30 and 50 minutes depending on when I leave. I noticed, however, that the leftmost lane was moving super fast. Ahhh! The carpool lane! If I had an electric car, I could get the stickers and ride there by myself, but the Kia Sportage does not apply. So I was left with carpooling. A co-worker suggested I check out Waze Carpooling and Scoop. I’ve used them twice now. Here is my summary:

The Good
It actually works. I am surprised that it even pays me ($5) to do it. The people have been nice, clean, and punctual. Scoop as the superior UI. Scoop is not perfect, but it integrates well with Google Maps and has a generally smooth experience. I will have to think about suggested improvements. Oh, and the carpool lane saves me 5-10 minutes off a 35 min original trip! Nice. It feels good to whip past all those suckers moving at 3 miles an hour.

The Bad
Sometimes, the route algorithm takes me out of my way to pickup and drop off. Like yesterday, I lost ten minutes picking up AND ten minutes dropping off. It totally blew away the benefits. Today, for some reason, the route was sub-optimal and made me lost 10 minutes in easily avoidable traffic. Not sure what went wrong.

The Ugly
Waze. Plain and simple. Waze maps is not as good as Google maps. It doesn’t work right with Android Auto. Waze Carpool sucks even worse. The UI is atrocious. If you designed Waze Carpool, the app, please do not apply for any a designer position under me. You are the worst. (Sorry, maybe that was mean. There is someone out there holding back tears, I know it) – OK, apply for the position, but only if you know you did a bad thing.

Overall, carpooling gives me a positive feeling about the commute. The ride goes quicker. I have been putting Spotify on the radio since people have been talkative. Not sure what the right etiquette is on that. I will continue using Scoop until something bad happens.

Any other suggestions for alternatives?


  1. Have you tried a motorcycle? 🙂 I was always on time no matter how bad traffic was on 101. 15 to 30 min everywhere: from Redwood City to SF. Day and night. Rain and shine.

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