Things I would like (2018)

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A short wish list. You should do this at least once a year.

A Better Battery
I think battery technology is what has driven the mobile revolution. Imagine an iPhone running on double-A batteries. The better battery would be

  1. Longer lasting
  2. Faster charging
  3. Safer (won’t blow up)
  4. Smaller

I think this alone would enable a whole bunch of things I want to see including

  1. A better smart watch
  2. A better electric car
  3. Less dependence on foreign oil
  4. A better laptop/tablet

Artificial Trees
These things are 1000x as effective as a normal tree at converting CO2 into Oxygen. I would love to see these in every city, on every block. They should be in every child’s park. The swings and sea-saws should help power it. I’m not sure why these aren’t more popular. Can people buy one to put on their roof?

Better Solar Panels
Why isn’t every single roof in America a solar panel? The government would create massive amounts of jobs to install and maintain these and it would revolutionize our energy situation and make us lose interest in foreign oil. Maybe the problem is that they are too hard to install. I’d love to see panels that worked just like normal roof tiles. Keep it simple. Right now, they are unwieldy and hard to install/maintain.

The first three things I want to see are environmental in nature. Next are some digital things.

A Better Community System
Jive and Lithium are way too hard. There are systems that do 1 thing really well. My ideal Community system would be great at:

  1. Feature voting (
  2. Documentation (Confluence)
  3. Help Desk (Intercom)
  4. Chat (Slack)
  5. Q&A (StackExchange)
  6. Meetups (Meetup)
  7. And of course, Open Source!

A Better UI Design Tool
I’ve ranted about this in the past. I don’t want to make prototypes. I want to make storyboards with animation. Figma is great, but there are no tools designed to make storyboards. Besides, Adobe XD, Figma, Invision Studio — not one of them has built in UI components. Here are the broad requirements for my better system:

  1. Multi-player
  2. Storyboard oriented
  3. Resusable configurable components
  4. Cross-platform
  5. Built-in UI components (trees, tables, comboboxes, etc)
  6. Easy to learn
  7. Smooth state management (hover, on, off, disabled, etc)

A Hair-Grow-Back Injection
How hard is this? I want to pay $10,000 for a shot that would make my hair grow thick like I had it in my 20’s. I would easily agree to $1000 a year if someone had that. I just want to avoid pills. Pills freak me out. An injection feels better. I don’t know why. More of a set-it and forget-it. We make all these penis erection pills. Where is my fool-proof hair grow back system? Every time I see my bald head, I am sad. So sad.

I just re-read my list. It’s a pretty “1st world problems” list, isn’t it? Nothing in here about solving children’s cancer or hunger in third world countries. Nothing about overthrowing dictators around the world.

My list is pretty self-centered. Hmm.  Erase or publish?  I guess Publish.


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