How much do other people think? For me it is an insatiable activity. Every person I see; I wonder what they do for a living, what makes them tick, what troubles them, what they are thinking.

Every building I see; I wonder who built it, who architected it, what choices they made, what choices they didn’t make. I imagine every possible situation with every person at work. I imagine what they would say, I imagine what I would say. Each day, as I read my book, I think; What would I do in that situation, how else could that have gone, what does this mean to me?

I can’t help myself. I read much slower than I should because I constantly pause to think deeply about the topics. All day, all night, I am imagining siutations and conversations.

The only time I do not think as actively is when I am watching tv. The thinking then becomes subconscious. I can relax then.

Is everyone like this? I wish I could see statistics on people’s thoughts and where I fit in.

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first to penny, well i didn’t read the whole article, but my next book is the universe in an atom by the Llama. I started it a while, reading it to molly before bed, but it wasn’t a good bedtime book as I wanted to think about what he was saying too often. Which leads to glen; well maybe I used to think of things all the time, but now I just walk down the street either in the constant space-out thoughtless nothingness (aka the alpha state) or I am trying to solve some problem (right now most problems are related to the new house adventures). I think I used to think a lot about people and the concept that each person i see has a life just as complicated as mine was just more than I could bear. And so I gave up; I am know both physically and mentally lazy and I believe it affects my abilities to reach into my brain when I truly need it. My brain is just so used to taking naps or sprinting to fix something that it might be broken. The only time my brains works right is when I am writing. When I write I am both in the alpha state and my brain in running on all engines. I’m not thinking consciously as I write faster than I can think (that is faster than i express my thought in words in my head). When I write all is well and I can see all the statistics that you wish you could, everything is there and everything is accessible. But I don’t know if that is thinking or if it is just instinct. Anyway, your curiosity is a good thing, especially because you often find information that leads to actual knowledge and applied it becomes your precious wisdom. mmmmm, wisdom (ps, when i type without thining, as i just have, i usually have a ton of typos and mistakes; however, there were just five spelling mistake before this, i think my hand-brain coodination is getting better)

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