Three Camps of UX

Take any given product organization and you will find they fit in one of three camps:

Don’t care about User Experience.  Sadly, this is more products than one would hope.  The most common version of this is the monopoly.  When you have a monopoly siutation, there is no driver for innovation or great UX.  The goal is to keep things the way they are.  I would say these kinds of products make people unhappy and frustrated.  The answer for this camp is that they need to be taught the positive values of great user experience.  This includes money, karma, shareholder value, lower support calls and more.

Cares about UX, but they are not very good at it.  Intuit was like this.  They REALLY wanted to have a great experfience, but just seemed to fumble the ball left and right.  They had great powers of analysis, but failed to be creative in fullfilling users desires.  The most common version of this has people who are uninformed or untrained in positions of power.  Typically, they refuse to delegate to trained designers.  The answer for this group is to teach the designers how succeed in the political arena and how to defend their designs using business language.  Additionally, it helps to teach good techniques to everyone so that we are all singing from the same hymm book.

Cares about UX and is doing a great job. I saw a pretty cool presentation by Kim Goodwin of Cooper, where she made a plea to all the people in this camp.  We need to mentor others on how to do a good job in User Experience.  We need more people in the UX field.  This isn’t something we can jealously horde.  I guess that’s what this post is about, sorta.

Whatya think?