Upcomming Speaking Engagements

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Jewish High Tech Community
Ask my mom, I am not a good Jew. Not kosher, never go to temple, I celebrate Christmas (although we like to call it Winter Solstice), married a shiksa, kids will not have Bar Mitzvahs (great story) and disdain organized religon.  However, I can honestly say that being invited to speak at the JHTC makes me a bona-fide maven.  Thank you to Bill Lazar who invited me to speak.  The talk is on Tuesday in Silicon Valley.  Circumcisions not required.  (Some of these links crack me up)

ExtJS 2009
ExtJS is a great JavaScript library upon which to build rich applications.  We use it heavily at Marketo and it has allowed us to leapfrog the competition in terms of user experience.  I will be speaking at their first conference on April 15th on User Experience Design using ExtJS.  There were people there at the AjaxExperience gig in the fall, so I need to change a few things up to keep it fresh.  I am going to combine the UX general principles with a walk-through of the actual application to illustrate the principles.  I am excited for this trip and am honored that they asked me to speak.

I hope I perform to the top of my abilities and help people to deliver better experiences to their audiences and customers.


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