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The last few days I have been using Microsoft Media Player to listen to music while I work. Specifically, I have been trying their iTunes competitor called Urge. I signed up, but went for the “free” plan. I don’t want to buy music, I just want to listen to the radio for free. Two channels Crunch and Indie are really good alternative stations. They are independent and commercial free. Crunch has station messages which basically are calling on people to help keep net radio free. Interestingly, they are both DJ’d by the same guy, Jesse Averna. The music selection on both stations are really good.

The UI of Urge is solid as well. It keeps track of all the music I have listened to. I can then click on the song and see the album and purchase the album. I like this alot. Radio is the best way to experience new music, and buying right there is the best way to convert my interest into commercial dollars. Plus it’s alot less expensive for artists. I would like to see a day where the music industry was more wide-spread and artists were comfortable NOT making as much money. It’s not all about money. Sometimes it’s just about fame.

UPDATE: Seems I was wrong, Indie DJ is Maxmillian Diez, drummer of Audio Out Send.  Not sure why VH1 had it wrong.  The Indie channel is really neet.  I literally have never heard of any of the songs.  Crunch has songs I have heard of.  I guess I will switch off.  It would be cool if Media Player would let me alternate between the two.

Whatya think?