Using Chrome

I decided to try using Chrome for a specific set of sites.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that the list is “Sites owned by Google”.  This includes Gmail, Picasa, Reader, Docs, Calendar, etc.  I have already noticed an improvement in performance.  Specifically, Picasa is MUCH faster.  I don’t know what happened, but its going super fast.

I am still annoyed with the developer tools, but I like the thin tab/tool bars.

One annoyance.  The textareas don’t automatically spell check.  I have come to rely on this completely.  I need textarea spell check!  Please someone at Google, hear my plea!

In completely unrelated news: (Maybe I should post this separate, oh well.)

The NFL season starts tonight.  Prediction: Jets. Superbowl.  Ba-BAM!

Whatya think?