UX Artist

Every now and then, one is surprised by something and then forgets about it.  I do my best to remember the things that surprise me.  I try to linger on the things that make my eyes open up a little wider and make my mind work a little harder.  I believe this is good for the designers mind/soul.

The other day, I read a Quora question (which I can’t find the page anymore) that said, “We are UX Designers, not UX Artists. We design with purpose.”  This really surprised me and made me think.  The author was not saying designers were un-creative, rather he was saying that designers always have a purpose whereas artists do not.

I think the author was not giving enough credit to the artist.  As a teenager, I was heavy into painting and sculpting.  Every time I picked up a brush or pencil, I had a purpose.  The purpose was to evoke emotion in the people who experienced the art.  Sometimes I wanted to convey loneliness, other times joy or beauty.  I always had a purpose.

As a UX Designer, I have similar purposes.  In addition to the “task completion” purpose, I also want to convey fun, ease, confidence and other emotions.  Without those emotions, the product would be flat and lifeless.  The experience would be cold and robtronic.  (combination of robotic and electronic)

I think UX Artist is a great title.  As part of my job, I really hope that I bring some artistry to the process.  USer Experience Artist makes me think that person is bringing something completely unexpected that a UX Designer might miss.  I like the title indeed.


Whatya think?