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UX stands for User Experience.  We used to call this Interaction Design (IxD) and before that we called it User Interface Design (UI).  Before that they called it Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Design.  Additionally, people have called parts of it Information Architecture or Visual Design. Fundamentally, they are all the same discipline.  I call it Design.

In general, I like UX (User Experience) Architect as the title for me.   The thing I have always had a love and passion for is the way that person interacts with a man-made thing.  This includes everything man-made.  Scissors, web application, car stereo, VCR, ball point pen, stop sign, etc etc etc. User Experience is really about how things are perceived and responded to.  It’s an interconnected world.

I believe many people’s lives are made miserable because of terrible UX Design.  It’s not just the famous exploding space shuttle example or the butterfly ballot in Florida debacle. It’s the millions of people who have their CVR permanently blinking 12:00.  It’s themillions of peoeple who can’t figure out how to get insurance money after an accident.  Or filling out a healthcare form that makes you dizzy.  Some systems are “designed” to be impossible.  Some are just designed by well-intentioned people who have no training or talent in UX.  Bad design kills people.  Bad design swings elections and gets us into Iraq.  Bad design makes people feel stupid.  Bad design slows down the economy and pushes companies into bankruptcy.

Design is the most important thing in civilization.  And we as a society have designed some awesome things.  But we also are imperfect.  We design things that provide good for society and bad for the environment.  Good design covers all bases.

RE: The blog.  I design it for me mostly.  I like the color. 🙂  It is my one personal indulgence.


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  1. I love orange. I think it’s a happy, warm color that makes me smile.

    Sadly, it looks like crap on me when I wear it, so there’s none in my wardrobe.

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