Veoh and GrandCentral

Recently I was looking at Veoh. It seems to be a YouTube competitor.  It has a nice UI and works pretty much the same way as YouTube.  However, they allow you to download any of the videos, if you register.  They also have a Veoh Player, but as far as I can see, the downloads are regular AVI files.  I wonder if Veoh has the same problem with people uploading copyrighted material. The library is fairly extensive.  Check it out.

In other news, GrandCentral was bought by Google. GrandCentral is the company I was interviewing with before I joined Intuit.  They didn’t have their funding set up yet, so the timing was off.  They just announced their sale to Google for 50 million dollars.  This reminds me of WagerWorks, whome I didn’t purchase the stock which sold for 90 million dollars.  I don’t know how often I will have opportunity knock on my door, but one of these days, I need to answer it.  I didn’t buy Remend stock either because I thought it was a waste of money.  I will buy Marketo stock.  Hopefully, this time around, I won’t get left in the cold.

By the way, GrandCentral is a great service.  Check them out.  It’s like Vonage, for free and with a better UI.  I wonder what Google will do with them.

Whatya think?