View Generated Source in IE

I found this easy way to view generated source in IE. Type this in the browser:

javascript:'<xmp>’ + window.document.body.outerHTML+ ‘</xmp>’

Why is Microsoft NOT building developer tools for IE? It’s making me sick. Firebug was made by one guy. Why can’t Microsoft make this seemingly simple thing? How about profiling? Memory leak detection? Come on.

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I use the IE dev toolbar all the time.
I see where it says, VIEW – SOURCE – DOM (Page), but have you looked at what it produces? It’s all on one giant line. It’s unusable. I don’t mean to view generated dom, I mean to view the actual generated html.


I think we might have two different developer toolbars for IE — I don’t see “VIEW – SOURCE – DOM”, but I do see an explorer that lets me see the page that’s been generated from javascript.

Are you using IE7?

Aye, that’s IE7 all right — my shop is stuck on 6 until sometime mid next year, so I haven’t even had a chance to really look at it, but I can tell your Dev toolbar is quite different from the one I’m used to.

dude, i was looking for ways to view generated source in IE and this blog entry is at the top of the search result. You are awesome and helped me out in so many ways 🙂

Kaiser uses dojo (cuz its part of the IBM portal), its lame, and I miss working with talented people.


The single quote characters that are being displayed for this piece of code prevent it from working as-is. Your blog probably converted them from the sort that works in code into the sort that tends to be used in writing-type apps. I am glad that I knew about this problem and knew to fix the quotes else I would have thought your code does not work.

Thanks for the tip!

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