Vista Part Deux

I am becoming disillusioned with Vista (Longhorn). I can deal with stuff being broken, that is not the problem. The issue is that the “new things” just do not seem all that valuable. The UI is much more confusing. It is hard to find things. The fonts seem blurry. There used to be a sidebar thing with a clock on it, I can’t find it anymore.

Overall, I am not happy. I am 32-bit, so it is not superfast. The new OS is not sexy enough. I am impatient. I want 64-bit working longhorn. Diddy Mao!. Chop Chop!

2 replies on “Vista Part Deux”

I used to be a supporter of Microsoft, but I think they are slacking and I am not surprised if Vista is nothing special. I would think by now Windows would have solved the problems of having to download updates everyday, crashing systems, driver problems, and the general lack of progress over the last five years. Right now Microsoft’s biggest advantage is that people fear change. But their test will be when Google comes out with their own operating system, will Microsoft offer the Office suite for the new system (they now offer it for Apples). I wouldn’t be surprised if Google first comes out with their own office suite and than an operating system a couple of years later.

Whatya think?