Weekend Review

I did pretty good based on my goals: (See list below)
1. Check
2. Check
3. No yet, gotta do that tonight.
4. No materials to work with. I blame Katie.
5. No, I forgot that one. Hopefully, I won’t electrocute myself.
6. Check
7. Katie wants me to try bringing the thing to Penny’s to do it there and not embarrass us with the neighbors.
8. WABC Radio switched from Real Player to Windows Media player. So they didn’t have the game. My local station showed the overtime, but I missed it. Jets lose. I blame myself.
9. Check
10. Supposedly, Penny is going to take it away to her house.

I think the boys are infesting me with germs. They gave me a headcold. They are like virus incubators!

Whatya think?