Who I Follow and Connect

Twitter and LinkedIn have very different algorithms for me.

Who I follow on Twitter
Hardly anyone. The stream gets to be too much for me. I can’t follow it. So I end up following just the accounts I really care about. It’s just 5.


  1. Codrops – I am in love with the effects on this site and want to see any new ones right away.
  2. Panda – This is basically a Design article aggregator. I could use their browser plugins, but I find Twitter to be the perfect vehicle for looking at them.
  3. Icons8 – This is my new Icons source. They are very responsive to requests. So far, their stream has not been annoying.
  4. God – The Tweet of God is generally funny and has similar political leanings as I do.
  5. My son Ethan – He never tweets. I would feel bad if I un-followed though.

That’s it. Some people follow me. Mostly my tweets are auto-posts from my blog. Nothing about my food. I think of followers as “audience”. I don’t auto-follow as thank you.

Who I Connect with on LinkedIn
I’ve got 1,012 connections on LinkedIn. At first, I only connected with people I knew personally. Then I started speaking at conferences and people wanted to connect afterwards. Then many Marketo employees wanted to connect. Then many designers around the world. Now, I think about it differently.

I think of LinkedIn Connections now the way I think about Twitter followers. I truly don’t read the LinkedIn stream. I just don’t think you should limit your potential audience. I get a ton of views on this blog via LinkedIn. So I end up connecting to any designer and people in related areas, like startup entrepreneurs. In other words, I accept connections the way I would accept followers, the more the merrier.

It’s amazing to me how different social networks fit into my life (or don’t). Google+ keeps trying to get in. Maybe one day.

Whatya think?