Why is Adobe XD taking so long on basic things?

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Designers are one of the worst markets to make products for. We are fickle/disloyal and we are picky beyond reasonableness. I feel badly for people who design products for us. With that said, I have grievances and need to air them.

Adobe. What the heck is going on over there? I am going to point out a few ideas from your community to illustrate the problem.

Basic Text Transform: all caps, all lowercase

Idea age: 3 years (May 2016)
Description: The ability to make text automatically ALL CAPS or all lowercase.
Votes: 2,622
Status: Working on it since Mar, 2019

This is unacceptable. It’s a required feature and how hard could it possibly be?! What PM ignored this idea for 3 years?? I don’t get it. It’s insane.

Scale/resize symbols individually

Idea age: 2.5 years (Nov 2016)
Description: When using symbols, you can override text, but you can’t override size. This is the ability to scale instances as overrides.
Votes: 1,612
Status: Working on it since Mar, 2018 (a year!)

Honestly, this is the primary reason I can not use XD to do my job. When I am making prototypes, symbols (or components) are in 90% of all the layers on a page. They are everywhere. Constraints are a key function to scale/resize items and have the contents flow properly. In XD, I can’t combine these two together. In other words, if I have a modal, the modal can only be one size for the entire prototype. I can’t scale the symbol for the particular screen. Figma has had this since day 1. It is so much better that even if Adobe paid me to use their product, I wouldn’t because of this one feature. They have been working on it for over a year. I have no idea what is taking them so long.

Quick access to Google Font library

Idea age: 2.5 years (Jan 2017)
Description: Rather than just your local fonts, be able to choose any Google font.
Votes: 486
Status: Not working on it

Again, this seems so simple. Figma has had this since day 1. What is Adobe waiting for? Is it because they make money off selling fonts? So they hate Google Fonts? Why doesn’t Adobe create a competitor to Google Fonts then and use that? Personally, I think google fonts is great and every design tool should use it. It annoys the crap out of me that they don’t. I have to use all sorts of workarounds.

Collaboration on same document (real-time)

Idea age: 3 years (Mar 2016)
Description: Multiple designers can work on the same prototype at the same time
Votes: 380
Status: Not working on it

This is my number one reason for using Figma. I LOVE pair designing! But here is the really messed up thing: They DEMOED THIS WORKING 3 YEARS AGO! What the hell happened?? How could you demo this and then just throw it in the garbage? Someone convinced them that it’s a bad feature or that they can win without it. It’s dumb.


Adobe worked on audio prototyping, but not these basic things. (Mind boggling! Who cares about audio design?!) Adobe has an enormous user base compared to Figma, more engineers, more money, and a great community. However, they seem to be developing in slow motion on these “table-stakes” items. I want to love them, I really do. They just make it so damn hard.

Figma is still doing great and will continue to be my tool of choice until the situation changes. After all, I am fickle and super picky.

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