Windows 7 = Windows Vista SP2

There has been alot of news eminating from Redmond about Windows 7.  I have looked closely at the screenshots.  What am I missing here?  Where is the “new”?  I can’t find a new feature or benefit?

Will it be faster?  Really faster or fake faster?

This just looks like Vista SP2!  It’s got bug fixes, but this whole release stinks of “Vista has a bad marketing rep, so we need to release something new RIGHT NOW!  Vista BAD! 7 Good!”

This is pathetic.  It’s not complicated.  They need to focus on performance of the user experience.  Boot, Application Launch, Shutdown.  That’s it.  That would make life with Windows better.  Fast is what we need right now.  Release statitics of how fast you made the experience.

Microsoft is such a big company.  They have seen Unix and MacOS X.  They know what good programming looks like.  I am so disappointed.

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