Wish I had a recorder

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Sometimes, I just sit and listen to Ethan and Jared talk to each other. I wish I had a recorder at those moments. Here is a sampling:

Jared: Eeftan! Here is your gun!
Ethan: I can’t reach it!
Jared: (stretching, with feeling) Heeeerrre!
Ethan: Got it! Thanks Jared!
Jared: You’re welcome Eeftan.
Ethan: We are on Level 10 now.
Jared: I want go back to Level 1.
Ethan: But we are on Level 10.
Jared: But I want to go back to Level 1.
Ethan: You still have alot of powers left.
Jared: I do?
Ethan: Yes. You have all kinds of powers.
Jared: OK. Look out! (shooting) choo! choo!
Ethan: Oh no! My gun doesn’t work. (climbs under blanket)
Jared: Eeftan! Get yourself out! I’ll help! Choo! Choo!

On and on this goes. Lava carpets. Deadly aliens. Guns and Superheros. Adventure on a galactic level. Ethan’s gun was a plastic ruler and Jared’s gun was a Bob the Builder drill. Everything they saw was a prop. They are so polite to each other too. Like British double-oh agents. Thank you Eeftan. You are welcome, Jared. Now let’s get the bad guy!

A little secret: Sometimes when Mommy is not looking, I jump into their world for a few minutes to join the adventure.

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