Wishes for 2019

Most Important Wish

I wish fervently that Rush Bader Ginsberg has a happy and HEALTHY 2019 and 2020. She recently fell and broke some ribs. The x-ray noticed some bad tumors in her lungs. Thank God, they found it early and she is currently recovering. Stay healthy RBG. We need you!

Design Tool Wishes

Figma has been doing superbly as my primary design tool. I only miss animations from my PowerPoint days. The recent addition of overlays has been awesome and is now a primary part of our process. One wish is that I want folders to put root level artboard/frames into. My left hand nav is just way too cluttered and hard to find things. This is something Adobe XD did pretty well, if I remember corectly. Other than that, I would wish for a better commenting system including better emails that show the entire thread of the comment, not just the last sentence.

Design Team Wishes

I have two new people starting in January and 4 more scheduled for 2019. I wish for great creative people who get along and design some inspiring applications. A great team is a gift to each team member. I also wish for each designer to feel they have clarity of mission, support of the their peers, and space to be creative.

Work Wishes

I wish for the fruits of our labor to translate into increased sales and industry respect. I’d like to get back to speaking engagements. Maybe things go so well that they decide to give me an extra bonus! (Hey, these are my wishes, you can make your own)

Family Wishes

My kids are getting old. One in college and the other two on the cusp. I wish for 2019 to be fulfilling for all of them. I hope they all find a good fit socially and educationally. Maybe 2019 would be a great year for my youngest to get his first girlfriend. I think it would help his self-confidence. He doesn’t read this blog, so I am confident this won’t embarrass him. Of course, continued health is always a primary wish here.

Country Wishes

The country feels like it’s in a bad funk. Everyone is digging in and arguing about shit that doesn’t even matter. Immigrants really don’t affect your life as much as tariffs do. If I am wishing for unrealistic things, I would ask for extremist news sources to go out of business, for moderates to resurge, and for logic and science to become the primary way to determine courses of action. Unfortunately, none of that is going to happen. I honestly don’t even know what to hope for at this point. I wish for something to get better. I wish that things don’t get worse.

Wishes for You

I wish that you feel many moments of pride for a job well done. I wish you moments of creative inspiration where your idea is adopted and turns into one of the reasons you and your people are successful. I wish that you, many years from now remember 2019 as a great year.

Happy Holidays to you, your team, your family, and your pets!


PS. If you want to add a wish, just put it in the comment below.

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