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A long time ago I heard a comment about watches.  You can tell alot about someone from the watch they wear.  Watches aren’t like clothes where you pick a different outfit every day.  It lasts for a while.  People pick their watches pretty carefully.  The watch reflects the person’s personality.  Al Gore had a calculator watch for a while.  Now he has an expensive fancy watch.  Some have digital, some analog.  Some disney watches, some rolex.  Look at your watch, what does it say about you.

A WordPress theme is just like that.  Check out this theme that I found on Smashing Magazine.  It is flat out gorgeous.  I love that theme.  I set it up for Katie instead of the Naruto one.  I installed it here temporarily.

I think I want to switch my theme once a month or so.  There are just so many cool themes out there.  I am not sure I found one that reflects my personality enough.

Think about the cars, luggage, house, and other possessions you have.  Think about the choices you make.  How do they refect your personality?  How much were those decisions based on perception and how much reality?

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  1. Good question. For the author it’s great. Makes you feel like you are wearing new fancy clothes. For the reader, its disruptive. Makes you feel like “Hey, am I in the right place??” I actually complained about Amazon doing that a while back.

    The good news is that most people subscribe to the RSS in Google Reader so they don’t even see the feed.

    So in the end, I would say, a site should have a mainstay. Something super recognizable that makes it consistent, even if everything else is not. Example: I need to have my kids draggable on the page, no matter what. Then it wouldn’t be disruptive.

    Cute Gravatar. 😉

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