Working “As Designed”

I just updated my LinkedIn App. Previously, I had complained that it didn’t work in landscape mode. They “fixed” that.fixed

So now, if I rotate, this is what I get.



Do you see what they did?

They just took the layout and flipped it horizontally. In other apps, it redraws the screen and uses the space differently. In Slack, which is well designed, they use the complete canvas sensibly.

This is not a bug, this is behaving “As designed”. They meant to do this. Now it is possible that a UX person is crying at LinkedIn right this minute. They hate that the layout is not utilizing the space well. Maybe.  Maybe not.

Either way, the UX is still unhappy.

In 2008, I used to get in arguments with engineers about whether it was a bug or “as designed”. Here is the conversation:

UX: This is broken, it’s a Bug.
Eng: Nope, it works “as designed”. It should not be called a bug.
UX: Let’s not argue, we can just call it “Work”
Eng: But sometimes, it IS a bug.
UX: OK, how about Bug-Work?
Eng: Too cumbersome.
UX: How about we call it a Bork?
Eng: OK, agreed.

So in the end, for years, we called bugs “Borks”. It eliminated the arguing and that was a win.

LinkedIn, you have some borking to do.


Whatya think?